A new shine for your car

Frequent washing of your car is not only important from a maintenance point of view, but also a crucial aspect of your own safety.

Especially during winter, you should remove elements harmful to the paintwork of your car, such as road salt and dirt. Enhance the resale value of your car through regular cleaning.

Autohaus Isernhagen operates one of Germany’s most advanced car wash facilities. Our water treatment plant is environmentally-friendly and reduces the consumption of fresh water. Right from the start, a gentle soaking phase to dissolve the dirt protects your car. We offer, among other things:

  • High-pressure pre-wash
  • Active foam wash, including cleaning of the rims
  • High-gloss wash with a wax finish
  • Full-service cleaning, including underbody washing
  • Insect-free wash (additional cleaning of front with insect remover)

Enhancing the resale value of your car through regular car care

Repeating the individual washing steps, the car becomes even cleaner. State-of-the-art textile machines ensure a gentle treatment of your car. Our two powerful fans effectively dry your car. In addition, we will vacuum the inside of your car free of charge.

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