Your professional expert report

Whenever you wish to assert a claim for damages (recommended for “minor or insignificant damage of €750 or more”), you generally have to substantiate your claims. For this purpose, Autohaus Isernhagen provides the services of a motor vehicle assessor/technical expert. They will calculate the costs relevant to the damage and prepare an expert liability loss report or an expert report on the damage. This expert report will provide you with detailed information about the amount of damage to your motor vehicle, including any reduction in value. The expert report serves to calculate the damage-related costs in connection with the damage to your vehicle. We determine:

  • the type of damage
  • the amount of the damage
  • the replacement value, or residual value in the case of reduction in value
  • the daily rate for compensation for loss of use

Expert liability loss report or expert damage report by our motor vehicle assessor

Based on this expert report, the damage can be repaired in the workshop at Autohaus Isernhagen or alternatively in another expert workshop. The insurance policy of the liable party will cover the costs of the invoice issued by the workshop. Please settle all other claims, such as solicitors’ costs, medical costs and loss of income, with the relevant parties (solicitors, doctors, etc.). Please feel free to use the services of our assessors when buying or selling a pre-owned car. Our assessors will calculate the dealer’s cost price, as well as the resale value or fair value. Numerous factors are taken into account in this regard, e.g.:

  • the general motor vehicle specs
  • the components
  • value-enhancing retro-fittings and conversions
  • missing parts
  • repairs required
  • as well as any reduction in value due to prior damage 

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