TÜV - carried out daily on our premises

To ensure safety on German roads, the legislator requires regular car inspections. This means that all car owners must subject their cars to regular general inspections (HU). Since 01/01/2010, an emissions test (AU) has been a mandatory part of the general inspection. During the general inspection, your car is tested for roadworthiness according to certain criteria.

With our testing unit in Isernhagen

This inspection is due every 12 to 24 months, depending on the type of car, and is conducted as a rule together with the emissions test. The round General Inspection sticker is a clearly visible sign that your car has passed the inspection. The sticker indicates the month and year in which the next general inspection is due. Only vehicles with their own official registration plates that have a valid General Inspection sticker are permitted to drive on roads.

Our cars are properly valeted and technically checked by our TÜV inspection unit. The TÜV inspection unit is located in the car dealership. After completing the inspection, the car will receive a TÜV pre-owned car certificate issued by the TÜV inspection unit located on our premises.

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