Premium painting for your peace of mind

A car is something we use day in, day out. Painting and maintenance therefore require a lot of care. In the long run, the value of the vehicle should be maintained for as long as possible and its safety and roadworthiness should be 100% guaranteed.

Your car is in use daily - therefore, painting and maintenance require special care. Ensure that the value of your car is maintained over the long term and that its safety and roadworthiness are 100% guaranteed.

Autohaus Isernhagen has an on-site paint shop in which complete vehicles and individual body components are restored to as-new condition and painted according to manufacturer specifications. We can also carry out partial lacquering (spot repair). We have one of the most modern paint mixing stations currently available.

Safety and roadworthiness 100% guaranteed

Our working processes are adapted to the manufacturer specifications of the automobile industry. We carry out our work in the following steps:

  • Removal of damaged parts Removal of mounted parts
  • Sanding and, if necessary, levelling of parts to be repaired
  • Priming of repaired parts
  • Sanding of primed parts
  • Cleaning / stripping of the vehicle
  • Removal of dust from the spray booth
  • Application of the base coat and subsequent coating with clear lacquer
  • Drying
  • Execution of “finishing work”
  • Execution of installation work
  • Cleaning of the vehicle and handover to the customer

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